About Chef Ticiana Bondar


After graduating from Le Cordon Bleu with high honors I spent the next 11 years working in restaurants and catering companies in Los Angeles, California. Working under some of the best chefs in California I was able to learn, hone my kitchen skills and techniques, and formalize my own style of cooking. I have been living in Baja California for the last 4 years and have been traveling through other parts of Mexico, eating and learning about new cuisines. I would say my style of cooking is a blend of the eclectic food scene in Los Angeles and the colorful variance of Mexican ingredients and flavors. Every time I get the opportunity to travel the world I soak up as much as I can to add to my mix of fusion foods.

Private chef services

My philosophy in the private chef world is making each and every experience a unique and unforgettable moment shared with loved ones. Imagine creating your favorite restaurant in the privacy and comfort of your home or airBnb! Including table service, different styles of dining and a thorough cleaning afterwards. Each of my clients, old and new, will be speaking directly with me to make a one of a kind menu for their special occasions. Every menu we create together is crafted and molded into exactly what you wish! Whether you are celebrating anniversaries, birthdays, weddings or just a special meal with friends and family, I commit to working alongside my clients to plan and execute the perfect experience. I pride myself in adding special touches or details to surprise my clients for their special occasions. I always work with different budgets to be able to make your private chef experience attainable so don’t be afraid to ask! Food is love and I want to make it possible for everyone to be able to enjoy a stress free private dining experience.

Some dishes served

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